About Us

Woodstock Area Community Ministry (WACM)

The Woodstock Area Community Ministries (WACM) is a lay-led 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that was established in 1992 by the faith congregations of Woodstock for the purpose of creating a central agency where people in need living within the geographic boundaries of Woodstock School District 200 could go to for assistance.

The Woodstock Area Community of Ministries is fondly referred to as WACM.

The WACM Board of Directors is made up of individuals of different faith backgrounds who believe members of a community share the responsibility for caring for those living within the community who are in need and put their beliefs into action by organizing fundraisers and developing support programs for people in need in their local community.   The WACM Board of Directors further believes all individuals and families who come to WACM for assistance should be treated with dignity and worth. And the Board also believes it has a responsibility to use WACM’s financial resources in an effective, accountable manner.

The mission of the Woodstock Area Community Ministries is to generate leadership and resources for the purpose of providing assistance to the homeless population within McHenry County and to families and individuals who are experiencing an emergency financial crisis who reside within the geographic boundaries of Woodstock School District 200.

In addition to private donations, WACM receives financial support and or lay leadership and volunteer help from the following Woodstock faith congregations:   First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Free Methodist Church, Grace Lutheran Church, McHenry County Jewish Congregation, St. John’s Lutheran Church, and St. Mary’s Catholic Church.   

The most effective way to reach a WACM volunteer is to call 815-529-4370.

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